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2017   (18 articles)

The beaten path for South African agriculture.
Purchase J  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p1)   PDF

With drought comes charcoal rot.
Jordaan E, Van Der Waals JE  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p6-7)   PDF

Cultivar selection: A key decision.
Barnard N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p10-11)   PDF

Innovations in the control of Sclerotinia.
Bayer Crop Science  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p9)   PDF

Sheep for weed control: New approach to herbicide resistance management.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p11, 13)   PDF

Competitiveness of local grain and oilseeds industries on the global market.
Strydom D, Van Der Westhuizen D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p22, 23, 25)   PDF

High supply amid troublesome weather conditions.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p26-27)   PDF

Competition for land use: A threat to agriculture?
Human U  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p29-30, 33)   PDF

Consumption of soya bean: The link to decreased breast cancer incidence.
Chen JQ, Hea FJ  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p34-35, 37)   PDF

The untapped potential of soya bean oil in South Africa.
Human U  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p38-39)   PDF

Zimbabwe's soya bean production for cooking oil – The road to self-sufficiency.
Nkala I  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 1, MARCH 2017, p40-41)   PDF

Seed treatments to control charcoal rot in soya bean.
Castagnaro AP, De Lisi V, Gonzales V, Ploper F, Reznikov S, Vellicce GR  (OILSEEDS FOCU, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p6-7)   PDF

An exceptional soya bean yield.
Gouws A  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p13, 15)   PDF

Development in crop genetics: Disease, insect and herbicide tolerance.
Bennett A  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p18-19)   PDF

Is biological control of weeds better than herbicides?
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p22-23)   PDF

Large oilseed stocks supported by Chinese demand.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p27-29)   PDF

Trypsin inhibitor activity in soya bean meal and its effect on broiler performance.
Briedenhann E  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p36-67)   PDF

Soya bean crop quality overview: 2015/16 season.
Nortje J  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 3 NO 2, JUNE 2017, p38-39)   PDF

2016   (39 articles)

Increasing soya bean yield.
Van Wyk WF  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p7-9)   PDF

Threat of herbicide-resistant weeds in soya beans: Prognosis for South Africa in light of global trend.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p11-13)   PDF

Choosing the right no-till implements.
Eyssen J  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p15, 17)   PDF

Nutritional value of saturated and unsaturated lipids.
Du Plessis LM  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p18-19)   PDF

Preliminary soya bean and sunflower crop quality survey results.
Nortje J  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p23-25)   PDF

Soya bean: An opportunity to control herbicide resistance in weeds.
Van Der Walt W  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 1, JANUARY 2016, p26-27)   PDF

Yield – a burning issue in the oilseeds industry.
Scholtemeijer GJH  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p1)   PDF

Sclerotinia – a disease of note in numerous crops.
Craven M, Flett B, Ramusi M  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p6-7)   PDF

Planning and management: A recipe for success.
Barnard N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p8-9)   PDF

GM foods are truly safe.
Lombard H  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p10-11)   PDF

Does soya bean really add nitrogen to the soil?
Nel AA  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p13, 15)   PDF

Glyphosate is a miraculous molecule.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p16-17)   PDF

Large international stock vs local drought pressure.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p23, 25)   PDF

Drought and the weather: 2015/2016 in review.
Rautenbach H  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p26-27)   PDF

Double-sieve grading method of soya beans for the 2016/17 season.
Purnell M  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 2, MARCH 2016, p29, 31)   PDF

Soya bean vs maize production.
Beukes R  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p9)   PDF

Biotech crops in South Africa: Celebrating a milestone.
Bennett A  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p12-13)   PDF

Crop injury due to various stress factor combinations.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p14-15)   PDF

A favourable ratio of crop to fertiliser prices for 2016.
Wouda H  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p16-17)   PDF

Recent developments in soya protein products and soya bean meal quality.
Briedenhann E  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p20-21, 23)   PDF

Weather and demand shifts lead to volatile international prices.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 3, JUNE 2016, p24-25)   PDF

The role of the Oil & Protein Seeds Development Trust and Oilseeds Advisory Committee.

Can South Africa break through the average soya bean yield barrier of 2t/ha?
Uys D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p10-11)   PDF

Determining the ideal planting date for soya beans.
Barnard N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p12-13)   PDF

Nitrogen fertilisation of soya.
Van Biljon JJ  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p20-21)   PDF

The effect of global warming on weed-crop competition.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p22-23)   PDF

The impact of the drought on South African consumers and the agricultural sector.
Davids T, Louw M, Meyer F, Van Der Westhuizen D, Vermeulen H  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p26-28)   PDF

Soya bean meal consumption in the United States.
All About Feed  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p29)   PDF

Lows and highs of oil and seed markets.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 4, SEPTEMBER 2016, p30-31)   PDF

Nitrogen fertilisation of soya: Do we have the answers?

Two economically relevant diseases in soya bean production.
Rousseau N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p8-9)   PDF

Impact of biotech crops on the economy and perceptions.
Department Of Science Technology  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p13)   PDF

The 'wicked' problem that is herbicide resistance.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p14-15)   PDF

Insect resistance to the diamide group of insecticides.
Van Heerden D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p 16-17, 19)   PDF

Competitiveness of South African broiler production.
Davids T, Meyer F  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p 22-23, 25)   PDF

World oilseeds prices: Focus on the Southern Hemisphere.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p26-27)   PDF

A new approach to handling anti-nutritional factors: Soya bean meal as principal source of protein.
Snyman N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p28-29)   PDF

SAGIS to report on manufacturing, import and export of oilseeds products.
Hawkins N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p30)   PDF

Home-grown solution for the hungry nation: Food security for rural South Africa.
University Of Pretoria  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 2 NO 5, DECEMBER 2016, p31)   PDF

2015   (60 articles)

Plant regte kultivar vir beste resultate.
De Beer A, De Klerk N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 13 FEBRUARY 2015, p21)   PDF

Farmers plant more soya and less white maize.
Visser J  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 6 FEBRUARY 2015, p21)   PDF

Wanneer knyp oliesadepryse jou?
Lemmer W  (SA GRAIN, JANUARY 2015, p12-13)   PDF

Soya bean yield down 28% due to drought.
Erasmus D  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 13 MARCH 2015, p15)   PDF

Gooi wal teen dié swam by sojabone.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 6 MARCH 2015, p82-83)   PDF

Soja: Nuwe kultivar het 5% meer proteïene.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 6 MARCH 2015, p28)   PDF

Link Seed: Mielie- en sojaboonkultivars vir die 2015/2016-seisoen.
Herbst D  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, MARCH 2015, p49)   PDF

Sojaboonverbouing onder die loep.
Engelbrecht G  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2015, p50)   PDF

'n Kykie na direkte plant proewe in Suid-Afrika – 'n oorsig oor drie jaar.
Bothma P  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2015, p50)   PDF

Dis hoekom mielies nie R3 000 per ton is nie.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 3 APRIL 2015, p17)   PDF

Pas regte verhoudingspraktyke toe by soja.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 17 APRIL 2015, p84)   PDF

Simposium werp nuwe lig op onkruid.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 17 APRIL 2015, p82-83)   PDF

Siektes kan opbrengs kwaai knou.
Snyman M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, , p77-78)   PDF

Sojas nou droogte-staatmaker.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 10 APRIL 2015, p14)   PDF

Canada boosts competitiveness of soya beans.
Staff Reporter  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 24 APRIL 2015, p17)   PDF

Veranderinge in die gradering van sojabone vir die 2015/2016 seisoen.
Ybema S  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2015, p72-73)   PDF

Super soya.
Staff Reporter  (DISCHEM, MAY 2015)   PDF

Soja in die Suid-Kaap kan verbou word.
Maritz H  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 24 APRIL 2015, p58-59)   PDF

Groot kop krap oor soja en droogte.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 24 APRIL 2015, p16)   PDF

Reën rem KZN se soja-oes.
Van Der Merwe J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 24 APRIL 2015, p16)   PDF

Sojaboonopbrengs is die sleutel tot volgende seisoen se kultivarkeuse.
Staff Reporter  (PULA/IMVULA, APRIL 2015, p6-7)   PDF

Soya bean prices propped up by surplus processing capacity.
Sihlobo W  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 15 MAY 2015, p64-65)   PDF

Kostevakansie met soja.
Van Der Merwe J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 29 MAY 2015, p40-41)   PDF

Sojasukses met goeie plantvoeding.
Raats J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 12 JUNE 2015, p46-48)   PDF

Mutated gene to extend soya uses.
Van Der Walt W  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 24 JULY 2015, p29)   PDF

A few ideas about the fertilisation of soybeans.
Barnard N  (PULA/IMVULA, JULY 2015, p16-17)   PDF

Mielies nóg minder, sojas steek 1 miljoen ton verby.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 10 JULY 2015, p15)   PDF

Sonneblom of sojabone ... om te plant of nie te plant nie.
Staff Reporter  (PULA/IMVULA, JULY 2015, p10-11)   PDF

Soja stoom voort: koring struikel.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 AUGUST 2015, p14)   PDF

Soja-reste goeie skaapkos mits ...
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 AUGUST 2015, p26)   PDF

Kultivarkeuse is die belangrikste besluit.
Coleman A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 7 AUGUST 2015, p37)   PDF

SA soya bean harvest reaches one-million ton mark.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 7 AUGUST 2015, p18)   PDF

Glyphosate resistance in the US.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 7 AUGUST 2015, p18)   PDF

Three weed species resistant to glyphostate in South Africa.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 7 AUGUST 2015, p18)   PDF

Tripsien-inhibeerders en sojaboonvoer.
Henderson L  (VEEPLAAS, AUGUST 2015, p61)   PDF

It starts with soil health.
Kerzman J  (THE SUNFLOWER, OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2014, p12-13)   PDF

Beskerm jouself deur gesertifeerde saad aan te koop.
Goldschagg E  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2015, p39)   PDF

Looking to the past and the future.
Scholtemeijer GJH  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p1)   PDF

Canola production and utilisation: An overview.
Agenbag GA  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p6-7)   PDF

Establishment and functioning of the SASDE.
Joubert C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p18-19)   PDF

Global oilseeds markets: Availability of stocks.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p21-23)   PDF

Soya bean storage and optimum moisture levels.
Briedenhann E  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p24-25)   PDF

The value of reliable analytical results to support the oilseeds industry.
Louw W  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p28-29)   PDF

The use of soya bean meal in the South African poultry industry.
Roosendaal B  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 1, APRIL 2015, p36-37, 39)   PDF

Developments in the protein world are crucial to the feed sector.
Boshoff DW  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p1)   PDF

Conservation agriculture and sustainable crop production.
Smith H  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p6-7)   PDF

Charcoal rot disease in soya beans.
Tewoldemedhin YT  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p8-9)   PDF

Weed control in soya beans: Make-or-break herbicide choices.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p19, 21)   PDF

Getting maximum quality from full fat soya.
Riaz M  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p23-25)   PDF

Bearish oilseed outlook due to large global stock.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p26-27)   PDF

Dispensation for a new method of soya bean grading.
Purnell M  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p33, 35)

Factors influencing the protein and oil content of soya beans.
Gous RM  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 2, JULY 2015, p37-41)   PDF

Biochemicals released from weeds can inhibit crop development.
Reinhardt C  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p7, 9)   PDF

The competitiveness of the oilseed value chain.
Meyer F  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p1)   PDF

Nematode pests that cripple local soya bean production.
Fourie D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p13)   PDF

Soya cultivar selection.
Barnard N  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p15)   PDF

Highlights from the PRF Weed Control Symposium.
Dreyer J  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p16-17)   PDF

Improving yield and quality.
Oosthuyse S  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p20-21)   PDF

The positive effects of soya bean on the blood lipid profile of women.
Oldewage-Theron W  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p26-27, 29)   PDF

High soya bean stocks and low vegetable oil supplies: A recipe for price volatility.
Strydom D  (OILSEEDS FOCUS, VOL 1 NO 3, OCTOBER 2015, p30-31, 33)   PDF

2014   (64 articles)

Sojabone: Breek so deur 5 ton/ha.

Oliesade-Oorsig: Vooruitsigte vir die internasionale oliesade-, olie- en oliekoekmark.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, JANUARY 2014, p42-44)   PDF

Hart-gesonde GM sojas op pad.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 10 JANUARY 2014, p36)   PDF

Soybean rust – managing the risk of resistance to triazole fungicides.
Caldwell PM, Laing MD  (SA GRAIN, JANUARY 2014, p23)   PDF

Expectations of a bumper soya crop lead to lower prices.
Botes S  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 24 JANUARY 2014, p23)   PDF

Klim uit die bakkie en stap, sê topboer.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 FEBRUARY 2014, p16)   PDF

Soja se opbrengs 'te laag'.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 FEBRUARY 2014, p16)   PDF

Aanleg vir biobrandstof op die kaarte.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 FEBRUARY 2014, p16)   PDF

Swak rand ondersteun oliesaadpryse en beperk winste in lang termyn.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, FEBRUARY 2014, p56-57)   PDF

Nuwe kultivars – produsente kan hierna uitsien.
De Villiers E  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2014, p45-46, 48-49)   PDF

Saadkwaliteit van soja's bespreek.
Van Den Berg E  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2014, p55)   PDF

Onsekerheid oor internasionale en plaaslike voorrade skep ongestadigheid.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2014, p84-85)   PDF

Supreme yield in soya.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 21 MARCH 2014, p54-55)   PDF

Kip se wenke vir 10 ton soja per ha.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 MARCH 2014, p54-55)   PDF

Link Seed soja's word plaaslik geteel vir die beste resultate.
Pretorius W  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2014, p31)   PDF

Sclerotinia stem rot poses a potential threat to soybean production.
Flett B, Ramusi M  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2014, p102)   PDF

Ent saad reg vir beter sojaboon-oes.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 28 MARCH 2014, p48-50)   PDF

Goeie bestuur verhoog opbrengs.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p97-99)   PDF

Goeie nuus vir sojaboonpryse.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p100)   PDF

Regte entstof gee sojabone woema.
Jarvie A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p104-105)   PDF

Talle nuwe kultivars vir die saaiboer.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 18 APRIL 2014, p56-57)   PDF

Werking van die Suid-Afrikaanse graan en oliesade vraag en aanbod projeksiekomitee onder die loep.
Joubert C  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2014, p78-79)   PDF

'Kry 'n tweede kans met sojabone' sê wereldrekordhouer.
Schultz R  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2014, p84)   PDF

Impak van fundamentele faktore op landboukommoditeitspryse bekyk.
Lemmer W, Sihlobo W  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2014, p39-43)   PDF

Mark wink sojaboonboere nader.
Bohlmann L  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p106-107)   PDF

Sojabone vir plaaslike toestande.
Promotional Article  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p109)   PDF

Vind die verlore ton per hektaar.
Bohlmann L  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 APRIL 2014, p110, 112)   PDF

Kanola en sojabone skitter, mielies ook.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 MAY 2014, p11)   PDF

Boer verrig wondere met soja-opbrengs.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 16 MAY 2014, p40-43)   PDF

Link Seed-sojas – plaaslik geproduseer vir topgehalte.
Pretorius W  (AGRI, MAY 2014, p97)   PDF

Soja, vee op geenbewerkingskonferensie.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 JUNE 2014, p12)   PDF

Soja: 'Skielik dood' se skrik is groot.
Van Der Merwe J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 JUNE 2014, p52-53)   PDF

Nuwe persaanlegte verander die markstruktuur vir sojabone onherroeplik.
Lemmer W  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2014, p60-63)   PDF

'n Paar gedagtes oor die bemesting van sojabone.
Barnard N  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2014, p26-27)   PDF

Bird flu curbs China's soya bean purchases.
Staff Reporter  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 28 MARCH 2014, p17)   PDF

Biobrandstof sal nie te min kos beteken.

Inligtingsdag fokus op bewaringsboerdery.
Esterhuysen L  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2014, p81)   PDF

Soya bean development targets smallholder farmers in Eastern Cape.
Schoeman L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 29 AUGUST 2014, p19)   PDF

Watter soja-entstof is die regte een?
Badenhorst G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 8 AUGUST 2014, p92)   PDF

Growing feed demand to drive soya bean expansion.
Erasmus D  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 15 AUGUST 2014, p13)   PDF

Bewaringsboerdery: Kollig val vanjaar op soja.
Findlay S  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 15 AUGUST 2014, p31)   PDF

Droëland-sojabone gedy met deklaagbewerking.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 8 AUGUST 2014, p59)   PDF

Celebrity beans star as new crop for emerging farmers.
Seid S  (SUNDAY TIMES, 27 APRIL 2014)   PDF

Nuwe sojapers aanwins vir SA.
Booysen V  (BEELD, 22 APRIL 2014)   PDF

Sojabone presteer in verre Noordwes.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 13 JUNE 2014, p55)   PDF

Somergraanwinsgewendheid: Uitdagende besluite vir die 2014/2015-produksieseisoen.
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2014, p91-95)   PDF

2,5 Miljoen ton soja teen 2020.

Plaaslike kwaliteit van die 2012/2013-sojaboonoes bekyk.
Nortje J  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2014, p102-103)   PDF

'n Grafiekoorsig van die wêreld vraag en aanbod vir koring, mielies en sojabone.
Lemmer W  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2014, p96-99)   PDF

Faktore wat stroperkapasiteit in sojabone beïnvloed.
Le Roux K  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2014, p130-131)   PDF

Só sê die wet oor GMO's.
Dercksen N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 12 SEPTEMBER 2014, p38-39)   PDF

N-bemesting vir sojas?
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 17 OCTOBER 2014, p33)   PDF

Oliesade se toekoms lyk blink.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 31 OCTOBER 2014, p54-57)   PDF

FNB Markverslag.
Makube P  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 31 OCTOBER 2014, p64-65)   PDF

Gooi vroeg wal teen siektes by soja.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 7 NOVEMBER 2014, p98)   PDF

ARC's soya bean cultivar recommendations.
De Beer A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 28 NOVEMBER 2014, p50-52)   PDF

Managing disease in no-till soya beans.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 3 OCTOBER 2014, p60-63)   PDF

Sojaboonsaad byna uitverkoop.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 7 NOVEMBER 2014, p13)   PDF

Wen só meer sojabone.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 NOVEMBER 2014, p54-56)   PDF

Link Seed se sojas ideaal vir wisselbou.
Pretorius W  (AGRI, DECEMBER 2014, p59)   PDF

Aanleg vir biobrandstof op die kaarte.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 FEBRUARY 2014, p16)   PDF

Global soya bean production expected to increase by 8%.
Karombo S  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 14 NOVEMBER 2014, p17)   PDF

Terughouding van saad en 'n konsep tantieme-model bekyk.
Louw C  (SA GRAIN, NOVEMBER 2014, p64)   PDF

Winterreënvalstreek: Raaigras (Ryegrass).
Pieterse PJ  (SA GRAIN, 12 JUNE 2014, p52-55)   PDF

2013   (64 articles)

Entomology in South Africa: Where do we come from, where are we now and where are we going?

Sufficient management critical for higher soybean yield.
Schultz R  (SA GRAIN, OCTOBER 2013, p10)   PDF

Sojabone is wêreld se nuwe voedselbasis.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 OCTOBER 2013, p135)   PDF

Gewas belangrik om in vraag na proteïen te voorsien.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 4 OCTOBER 2013, p135)   PDF

Sojabone kry groter parsvermoë.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 OCTOBER 2013, p104)   PDF

Soja: Vind die 'verlore ton per hektaar'.
Bohlmann L  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 1 NOVEMBER 2013, p82)   PDF

Voorstel maak sojaboere die herrie in.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 1 NOVEMBER 2013, p103)   PDF

Hoë volatiliteit as gevolg van makro-faktore.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, NOVEMBER 2013, p86, 89)   PDF

Oliesade se toekoms ál blinker.
Willemse J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 22 NOVEMBER 2013, p12-13)   PDF

Cullers, die klein sojakoning.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 DECEMBER 2013, p60)   PDF

Hoë internasionale voorrade plaas druk op oliessaadpryse wêreldwyd.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2013, p37-38)   PDF

Statistical news from MINTEC.

Late rain causes switch from maize to soybean.
Staff Reporter  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 22 NOVEMBER 2013, p15)   PDF

Nematode resistance in soya beans.
Van Der Walt W  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 15 FEBRUARY 2013, p33)   PDF

South Africa's soya bean boom to continue.
Staff Reporter  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 16 AUGUST 2013, p29)   PDF

Klein Karoo Saad Bemarking brei sy produktereeds steeds verder uit.
Human S  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p65)   PDF

Sojaboondiversifikasie ontsluit nuwe markgeleenthede.
Wessels A  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p62)   PDF

Nou is dit mielies teen soja.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 8 MARCH 2013, p82-83)   PDF

Terugblik op die internasionale Sojaboonnavorsingskonferensie.
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2013, p16)   PDF

Farming runs through his veins.
Botha P  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p14-15)   PDF

Groot verwagting vir sojabone binne die volgende dekade.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2013, p82-83)   PDF

Keer só stam- en wortelvrot by sojabone.
Barnard N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 3 MAY 2013, p30-32)   PDF

Hoë internasionale produksievlakke plaas pryse onder druk.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2013, p102-103)   PDF

Good local growth predicted for soya beans.
Joubert R  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 15 MARCH 2013, p23)   PDF

Biotegnologie mik na genomika vir sojabone.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 3 MAY 2013, p86)   PDF

Vraag na soja wys (nog) nie in die prys.
Van Burick N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 22 MARCH 2013, p87)   PDF

Vraag na sojabone 'soos rollende sneeubal'.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 AUGUST 2013, p111)   PDF

Boere ontsteld oor onwettige entstowwe.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 AUGUST 2013, p116)   PDF

Gauteng kry nuwe soja-aanleg.
Groenewald A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 30 AUGUST 2013, p101)   PDF

Die waarde van sojaboonnavorsing weer eens bevestig.
De Beer A  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2013, p44)   PDF

Soja-aanleg 'hupstoot vir bedryf'.
Van Wyk J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 31 MAY 2013, p72)   PDF

Saadpryse vir die 2013/2014-somergraanproduksieseisoen.
Louw C  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2013, p34-39)   PDF

Oliesade sal ná 2015 weer boepens staan.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 13 SEPTEMBER 2013, p28-30)   PDF

Vleismerino's op sojaboonlande.
Van Pletzen H  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 JUNE 2013, p9)   PDF

Nuwe groenboon lewer goeie wins.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 31 MAY 2013, p32-33)   PDF

So laat spat jy wêreldrekords met sojabone.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 17 MAY 2013, p18-20)   PDF

Die effek van wisselbou op gewasproduksie.
Botha P, Kilian W, Nel A  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2013, p46-47)   PDF

Ekonomiese en weerstoestande dra by tot hoë volatiliteit in internasionale oliesade-pryse.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, JUNE 2013, p80-81)   PDF

Die sojaboon: Die wonder goue boontjie.
Van Der Merwe R  (SA GRAIN, JUNE 2013, p8-9)   PDF

A look at the developments of soybean crushing plants.
Sundani F  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2013, p106)   PDF

Meer oor sojaboon-enting.
Badenhorst G  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2013, p102)   PDF

Reusagtige produsent van soja word net al hoe groter.
Van Burick N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, AUGUST 2013, p83)   PDF

Ongunstige oesomstandighede in Suid-Amerika en lae voorrade veroorsaak volatlitiet.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p114-115)   PDF

Rekordproduksie in die Noordelike Halfrond plaas druk op pryse.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2013, p138-139)   PDF

Scholtemeijer GJH  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 1 NOVEMBER 2013, p110)   PDF

Noordelike Halfrond-onsekerhede plaas druk op Suid-Amerikaanse lande.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, OCTOBER 2013, p104, 106)   PDF

Link Seed – nuwe uitdagings en geleenthede.
Pretorius W  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p67)   PDF

Wat sê die kristalbal? – 'n Vyfjaar-vooruitskouing van die plaaslike graan- en oliesadesektor.
Van Zyl S  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2013, p8-9)   PDF

'Strongarm is 'n wenner teen onkruid by soja- en grondbone' sê produsente.
Sonnekus D  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2013, p83)   PDF

Saadbehandeling – 'n versekeringspolis. Graangewasse presteer met entstof- en molibdeensaadbehandeling.
De Villiers M, Odendaal T  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2013, p107)   PDF

Somergewasse: Hoeveel gaan dit my kos om te plant?
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2013, p36-39)   PDF

Groot internasionale nuwe seisoenvoorraad plaas druk op pryse.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2013, p90-91)   PDF

Vergewis jouself van sojaboonroessimptome.
Craven M  (SA GRAIN, FEBRUARY 2013, p51, 53)   PDF

Dalende mieliepryse plaas druk op die prys van oliesade.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2013, p88-89)   PDF

Summer crop estimates lower than initial projections.
Van Rooyen L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 12 APRIL 2013, p13)   PDF

Kompetisie kan uitbrei.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 AUGUST 2013, p116)   PDF

Deurbraak by sojabone verwag.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 APRIL 2013, p116)   PDF

Kies die regte sojaboonkultivars.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 9 AUGUST 2013, p67-68)   PDF

Wëreldvoorrade van oliesade bly laag.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, JANUARY 2013, p32-33)   PDF

Sojabone baat by vroeë plantdatums.
Staff Reporter  (PITKOS, 2013, p4-5)   PDF

Landbounuusmaker: Gerhard Scholtemeijer
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 5 APRIL 2013, p105)   PDF

Graan SA gee dwarsklap na Agri SA.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 DECEMBER 2013, p28)   PDF

Verskeie groot geeste groet.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 DECEMBER 2013, p26-27)   PDF

Detecting olive oil fraud.

2012   (55 articles)

Maximum Yield with rainfed soya beans.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 2 MARCH 2012, p52-53)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Kleiner internasionale sojaboon- en grondboonoeste.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2012, p104-107)   PDF

Nuwe perskapasiteit se potensiële impak op Sojaboonaanplantings.
Lemmer W  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2012, p111-114)   PDF

Tent bursting at its seams.
Schultz R  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2012, p8)   PDF

Genoeg oliekoek nie gou 'n werklikheid.
Beleggings L  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 MARCH 2012, p19)   PDF

Wegbreeksessies deurtrap aktuele bedryfsaangeleenthede.
SA Grain Editor/Graan Redaksie SAG  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2012, p18-22)   PDF

Sojabone op die wenpad.
De Beer A  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2012, p76-77)   PDF

A focus on vegetable oils.
Schoeman B  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2012, p78-81)   PDF

Link Seed sojabone – ons trots op die land.
Pretorius W  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2012, p75)   PDF

ARC-GCI exhibits soybean and conservation agriculture at NAMPO 2012.

Versigtig met die kies van sojaboon-entstof.
Jarvie A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 10 FEBRUARY 2012, p40-41)   PDF

Tegnologie in die peulplantentstofbedryf – 'n sojaboonsuksesverhaal.
Etherington J  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2012, p83, 85-86)   PDF

Sensus beoog om soja-insekplae te voorkom.
Botes S  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 20 APRIL 2012, p11)   PDF

Sojabone en sorghum van ongeëwenaarde gehalte.
Barnard N  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2012, p52-53)   PDF

Wêreld oes minder oliesade.
Willemse J  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 13 APRIL 2012, p16-17)   PDF

Soya bean production to reach 2.5 million tons by 2020.
Van Rooyen L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 9 MARCH 2012, p20)   PDF

Suid-Afrika mik na 1m. ton sojabone.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 MARCH 2012, p18-19)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Hoe groot (of klein) gaan die oliesaadoeste wees?
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, APRIL 2012, p82-83)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Oliesaadmarkpryse nog in opwaartse fase.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2012, p88-89)   PDF

Oilseed production to increase.
Erasmus D  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 31 AUGUST 2012, p24)   PDF

Wêreld Sojaboon Navorsingskonferensie eersdaags in Suid-Afrika.
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, NOVEMBER 2012, p7)   PDF

World Soybean Research Conference to be held early next year.
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2012, p7)   PDF

Die moets en moenies van plantparasitiese aalwurmbeheer op sojabone.
Steenkamp S  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2012, p38)   PDF

Suid-Amerikaanse produksie kry swaar onder ongunstige weersomstandighede.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2012, p50-51)   PDF

South Dakotans like coated seed results.
Lilleboe D  (THE SUNFLOWER, DECEMBER 2012, p19-19)   PDF

Direkte plant proewe in Suid-Afrika deur Suid-Afrikaanse en Argentynse organisasies – 'n oorsig oor die eerste jaar.
Botha P  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2012, p42-47)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Internasionale oliesaadpryse naby hoogtepunt?
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, JUNE 2012, p84-85)   PDF

Sansor holds annual congress number 23.
Fourie P  (SA GRAIN, JUNE 2012, p18-19)   PDF

Sunflower gene to boost soya bean.
Van Der Walt W  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 22 JUNE 2012, p29)   PDF

Sojabone vind baat by vroeë plantdatums.
Barnard N  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 1 JUNE 2012, p36-37)   PDF

Soya bean oil for tyre production not SA's priority.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 31 AUGUST 2012, p17)   PDF

Oliesaadpryse nog lank op rekordvlakke.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 28 SEPTEMBER 2012, p20-22)   PDF

Nuwe verbruikersvoorkeure van plantaardige olies.
Lemmer W  (SA GRAIN, FEBRUARY 2012, p21-23)   PDF

Sojaboonverbouing as wisselgewas in die Noordwes Provinsie.
Van Der Westhuizen C  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2012, p48-49)   PDF

Is 5 ton sojaboonopbrengste moontlik in Suid-Afrika?
Mac Phearson W  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2012, p82)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Oliesademark nog in opwaartse fase ondanks onlangse dalings.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2012, p82-83)   PDF

Die behoefte na soja-oliekoek steeds aan't toeneem.
Van Tonder K  (SA GRAIN, OCTOBER 2012, p106-108)   PDF

Trusts speel onontbeerlike rol in navorsing.
De Villiers E  (SA GRAIN, OCTOBER 2012, p8-9)   PDF

An opinion on imported inoculants for our soybean crop.
Jarvie A  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2012, p90-91)   PDF

Die praktiese impak van GMO-regulasies.
Van Der Walt W  (SA GRAIN, MARCH 2012, p66-67)   PDF

Geenbewerkingsplantervereistes vir 'n direkte plantstelsel in nie te klipperige grond.
Botha P  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2012, p78-79, 81)   PDF

R1,7 Billion bio-ethanol plant in FS.
Van Rooyen L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 30 MARCH 2012, p17)   PDF

The regulatory management of GMOs in South Africa.
Jaftha J  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2012, p42-43)   PDF

Biobrandstof só 'doodgebore'.
Brink F  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 21 SEPTEMBER 2012, p114-115)   PDF

New hybrids for 2013 planting.
Staff Reporter  (THE SUNFLOWER, DECEMBER 2012, p20, 22)   PDF

Use of certified soybean seed reaches record percentage in the Brazilian crop; Mato Grosso ranks first with 85% on that score.
Staff Reporter  (IT'S OK, 2012, p90-91)   PDF

Fertilizer consumption could reach record high in 2011, up 8% from the previous year.
Staff Reporter  (APPLYING FERTILIZERS, 2012, p95)   PDF

Biofuels industry needs an extra 3m tons of soybeans.
Van Rooyen L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 27 JANUARY 2012, p16)   PDF

Parsaanleg groot hupstoot vir boere.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKSBLAD, 2 MARCH 2012, p72)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Oliesaadmarkte kry hupstoot van Suid-Amerikaanse droogte.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, FEBRUARY 2012, p58-59)   PDF

Strongarm 'n wenner teen onkruid by soja- en grondbone, sê die boere.
Staff Reporter  (AGRI FOKUS, OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2012, p51)   PDF

Soygro aan voorpunt van biologiese stikstof.

Soja-oliekoek bly duur.
Staff Reporter  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 28 SEPTEMBER 2012, p21-22)   PDF

Knopwortelaalwurms (Meloidogyne spp.) onder die vergrootglas.
Steenkamp S  (SA GRAIN, , p84-85, 88)   PDF

Ongunstige weerstoestande sorg vir gunstige oliesaadpryse.
Strydom D  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2012, p102, 104)   PDF

2011   (24 articles)

Soja-toekoms blink.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 25 MARCH 2011, p12)   PDF

Sojabone sonder grense.
Smith M  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 29 JULY 2011, p24-25)   PDF

Oliesade-Oorsig: Internasionale risiko's neem toe.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2011, p124-125)   PDF

Boere optimisties oor sojabone.
Bezuidenhout G  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 SEPTEMBER 2011, p62)   PDF

Supersoja se wenners vaar puik.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 SEPTEMBER 2011, p93)   PDF

Soya Beans – Healthy Growth.
Sherry S  (FINANCIAL MAIL, 11 NOVEMBER 2011, p51)   PDF

Soya beans: Oil Strike!
Lagrange L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 16 DECEMBER 2011, p32-33)   PDF

Pannar se sojabone presteer.
Jacobs D  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 8 JULY 2011, p33)   PDF

Beware of new inoculants for soya beans.
Jarvie A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 30 DECEMBER 2011, p30-31)   PDF

Sinksulfaat gee sojabone hupstoot.
Promotional Article  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 23 SEPTEMBER 2011, p53)   PDF

Control of Rhizoctonia and Pythium on soybeans (Glycine max) using Trichoderma and silicon.
Bosse R, Caldwell PM, Laing MD, Yobo KS  (NOT PUBLISHED, 2011)   PDF

Die voorkoms van Sclerotinia peul- en stamvrot in sojabone.
Van Der Westhuizen H  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2011, p96-97)   PDF

The effect of temperature and period of high humidity on the development of Sclerotinia stem rot on soybeans in the greenhouse.
McLaren NW  (SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF PLANT AND SOIL, 28(3), 2011, p211-214)   PDF

Bean rust is not the problem it used to be.
Kerr B  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 29 JULY 2011, p58)   PDF

Is weerstand teen Sclerotinia stamvrot by sojabone moontlik?
Botha C, McLaren NW  (SA GRAIN, SEPTEMBER 2011, p98-100)   PDF

Presisie-wisselbou laat wins blom.

The use of soybean meal in the South African poultry industry: Formulation and quality considerations.
Roosendaal B  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2011, p49-51)   PDF

The South African soybean industry in 2011.
Joubert C  (SA GRAIN, AUGUST 2011, p117-119)   PDF

Baseline Report: Local oilseed production slowly catching up with consumption.
Erasmus D  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2011, p28)   PDF

Onseker wêreld finansiële markte oorheers oliesademark.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2011, p46-47)   PDF

Die feite oor stikstofbronne.
Krog B  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2011, p36)   PDF

Dow: High oleic canola will hold its own against next generation soy.

Monsanto soybean trait for lower saturated fat gets USDA deregulation.

Biotech's big guns gear up for battle of 'next-generation' soybean oils.

2010   (16 articles)

Bright future for South African soybean farmers.
Caldwell PM  (PRF ARTICLE, 2010)   PDF

Bestel sojaboonsaad vroegtydig.
Caldwell PM  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 10 SEPTEMBER 2010, p36)   PDF

The secrets of Mr Supersoya.
Caldwell PM  (SA GRAIN, FEBRUARY 2010, p22-23)   PDF

Unique Partnership - Great Soya
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 22 JANUARY 2010, p46-49)   PDF

25% Farmer premium from processed soya.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 12 FEBRUARY 2010, p34-36)   PDF

Suid-Amerikaanse oeste raak belangrik om voorraad aan te vul.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, DECEMBER 2010, p56-57)   PDF

Noordelike halfrond – produksietoestande bepaal pryse.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, JULY 2010, p88-89)   PDF

Sojaboonsaad - waarna moet 'n mens kyk?
Louw C  (SA GRAIN, JUNE 2010, p59)   PDF

Have you ordered your soybean seed for the 2010-2011 season?
Caldwell PM  (PRF ARTICLE, 2010)   PDF

Value added to soybean production.
Caldwell PM  (PRF ARTICLE, 2010)   PDF

Soybean Rust - managing the risk of resistance to triazole fungicides.
Caldwell PM, Laing MD  ()   PDF

Sojabone skud mielieopbrengs wakker.
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 13 AUGUST 2010, p26-28)   PDF

Suid-Amerika begin met uitvoere van rekord soja-oeste.
Willemse J  (SA GRAIN, MAY 2010, p74-75)   PDF

Record KwaZulu-Natal soybean crop.
Caldwell PM  (PRF ARTICLE, 2010)   PDF

Vraag na oliekoek gaan toeneem.
Van Rooyen C  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 24 SEPTEMBER 2010, p22-24)   PDF

The story of soya.
Caldwell PM  (PRF ARTICLE, 2010)   PDF

2009   (14 articles)

DNS-tegnologie "bevorder opbrengs".
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 28 AUGUST 2009, p99)   PDF

Soja-oes laat rekord spat.
Pretorius L  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 7 AUGUST 2009, p28-29)   PDF

Record soya crop needs more local value-adding.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 7 AUGUST 2009, p20)   PDF

Don't be scared to invest in Technology.
Phillips L  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 6 NOVEMBER 2009, p52-55)   PDF

Grootste opbrengs nóg verwag.
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 AUGUST 2009, p121)   PDF

Asynwater help met rekord.
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 AUGUST 2009, p121)   PDF

Local soya beans get Brazilian Expertise.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 26 JUNE 2009, p28)   PDF

Effect of Fungicide on Soybean Growth and Yield.
Pedersen P, Swoboda C  (AGRONOMY JOURNAL, VOLUME 101, ISSUE 2 (2009), p352-356)   PDF

Rust-resistant soya.
Van Der Walt W  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2009, p29)   PDF

Sojabone verhoog mielie-oes.
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 30 OCTOBER 2009, p4-6)   PDF

Soya rotation boosts maize yields.
Coleman A  (FARMER'S WEEKLY, 4 DECEMBER 2009, p28)   PDF

Meer mielies danksy sojagrond.
Gouws A  (LANDBOUWEEKBLAD, 14 AUGUST 2009, p121)   PDF

World Crushings of soybeans set to increase by 7 Mn T in March/August 2010.
Staff Reporter  (OIL WORLD, NO 50, VOL 52, 11 DECEMBER 2009, p656-659)   PDF

Another narrow escape for soya.

2006   (1 article)

Sclerotinia peul- en stamvrot in sojabone.
Van Der Westhuizen H  (SA GRAIN, NOVEMBER 2006, 8(11), p54-55)   PDF