DISCIPLINES  |  Research Report 2018/2019
  1. Disciplines represented on the Board

    In the Trust Deed provision is made for representatives from various disciplines which may include the following:

    • Animal feed manufacturers' industry
    • Oilseed crushing industry
    • Fish meal manufacturers' industry and marine research
    • Plant Production
    • Organised Agriculture
    • Agricultural Economics
    1. Protein consumers

      • South African Poultry Association (SAPA)

        The Poultry Industry had to weather a very bad year, with imports of broilers and mechanically deboned meat continuing to plague the broiler industry, and with avian influenza infections necessitating the culling of 4,7 million laying hens resulting in shortages of table eggs and the threat of imported eggs taking over this industry also.

        SAPA has been split into two independent organisations, each with its own board and general manager. The general manager of the Broiler Organisation is Izaak Breitenbach, and of the Egg Organisation, Mogala Mamabolo. AVI Africa was not held this year, but will be held in 2020 and every second year thereafter. In the alternate years the AGM's of the two organisations will be regionalised.

        Total production of poultry meat for 2018 was 1,748 million tons, 96% of which was from commercial broiler production. The gross value of primary agricultural production from poultry meat was R48 billion, an annual increase of 8,9%. The average feed price increased by 2,3% and the producer price by 4,7%.

        Annual poultry imports totalled 566 210 tonnes, an increase of 9 333 tons. Of this, 95% represented chicken imports. This amounts to 32% of domestic poultry production, down from 34% in 2007. About 13% of these imports were from the EU, whilst Brazil (46%) and the USA (28%) contributed the bulk of imports of frozen bone-in portions into South Africa.

        Egg prices increased by 32% in the first quarter of 2018, compared with the same time the previous year, as a result of the devastating outbreak of avian influenza. Added to the burden confronting egg producers was the severe drought that was experienced in the Western Cape during the year. Farmers have largely repopulated their facilities and the national flock is back to a total of about 24 million hens.

      • South African Pork Producers' Association (SAPPA)

        The pork industry in South Africa was badly affected by an outbreak of Listeriosis which caused the pork price to drop by 30 to 40%. About 50% of pork sold in the country is used for processed meats and this is the sector that was hit by the outbreak, leading to more pigs being sold on the fresh meat market, contributing to the drop in price.