1.   Soybeans

1.6   Plant protection

1.6.2   Plant disease aspects


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    Abstract      Request complete PDF
  • VISSER DD (2005)   Sclerotinia stem rot of soybeans.
    M.Sc dissertation, 2005
    Literature Review      Request complete PDF
  • NUNKUMAR A (2006)   Studies on Phakopsora Pachyrhizi, the causal organism of soybean rust.
    M.Sc dissertation, 2006
    Abstract     GALLERY:       Request complete PDF
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    Abstract      Request complete PDF
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    Abstract      Request complete PDF
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    Article      Request complete PDF
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    Abstract      Request complete PDF
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    Abstract      Request complete PDF
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    Article      Request complete PDF
  • CALDWELL PM, BOSSE R, YOBO KS, LAING MD (2011)   Control of Rhizoctonia and Pythium on soybeans (Glycine max) using Trichoderma and silicon.
    Not published, 2011
    Article      Request complete PDF
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