Bursaries awarded 2021/2022

Project titles are shown in the language in which they were registered. / Projektitels word gelys in die taal waarin dit geregistreer is.


NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Liebenberg M
University of PretoriaFeedlot performance and rumen fermentation characteristics of feedlot cattle as affected by dietary protein quality and rumenally protected lysine and methionine supplementation.M.Sc-Dissertation
Crous IR
Stellenbosch University"Die ontwikkeling van stikstof bestuurstrategieë vir canola (Brassica napus) onder bewaringslanbou praktyke in die Wes-Kaap."PhD

New bursaries awarded

NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Matthews L
Stellenbosch UniversityEffects of livestock integration into cropping systems on productivity of canola and the cropping system's global warming potential.M.Sc-Dissertation
Schreuder HM
Stellenbosch UniversityRace structure, genetic diversity and management of Leptosphaeria species causing blackleg disease of canola in the Western Cape.PhD