Bursaries awarded 2022/2023

Project titles are shown in the language in which they were registered. / Projektitels word gelys in die taal waarin dit geregistreer is.


NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Matthews L
Stellenbosch UniversityEffects of livestock integration into cropping systems on productivity of canola and the cropping system's global warming potential.M.Sc-Dissertation
Schreuder HM
Stellenbosch UniversityRace structure, genetic diversity and management of Leptosphaeria species causing blackleg disease of canola in the Western Cape.PhD

New bursaries awarded

NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Du Plessis M
Stellenbosch University"Die effek van gipsvorm op grondverbetering."M. Sc-Dissertation
Du Preez LD
Stellenbosch UniversityThe effect of cultivation methods and crop rotations on soil health and plant protection.PhD
Folscher AB
Stellenbosch UniversityInvestigating pathways of infection of Leptosphaeria spp. causing blackleg of canola in the Western Cape.M. Sc-Dissertation