25 Years – The development of the Protein Research Foundation

‘The Development of the Protein Research Foundation’ publication tells the PRF story from 1990 until 2015. Click on the index links below to read a specific chapter. Alternatively click on the buttons below the cover image to read the complete FlipBook online or download/view the complete book in PDF file format.

  1. Preface

  2. Congratulations

    1. From Dr RD Bigalke
    2. From the Chief Executive Officer
  3. About the PRF

    1. Let's start at the very beginning
    2. Foreign involvement – global networks and support
    3. The fishmeal industry – through the looking glass
  4. Soybeans

    1. Awakening a sleeping giant – The role of the PRF in the establishment of the local soybean industry
    2. Forewarned is forearmed – The role of the PRF in the control of soybean rust in South Africa
    3. Focus on Sclerotinia – Research on Sclerotinia funded by the PRF from 2002 to 2013
  5. Canola

    1. Under the loupe – The PRF and canola production in South Africa
    2. Promoting canola – The Canola Competition in the Swartland and Overberg
  6. Lupins

    – The contributions of the PRF to lupin production
  7. Partnerships and potential

    1. PRF co-operation with DAWC – A closer look at interaction inter alia with Elsenburg
    2. Working hand in glove with the University of Pretoria – Utilising the experimental farm at Hatfield to stage soybean information days
    3. Other organisations – The role the PRF has played in support of protein research
  8. Protein research

    – Improving the efficiency of utilisation of protein for animal feed
  9. Website, bursary scheme and achievement awards

    1. The origins and development of the PRF website – The PRF is keeping up with the times
    2. Building the future – The PRF bursary scheme
    3. Achievement awards – Rewarding performance aimed at achieving the PRF's objectives
  10. Feed the future

  11. Addenda