25 Year celebrations

The Protein Research Foundation's 25 Year celebrations were held during 2015 in Gauteng at Fire & Ice and in the Western Cape at Spier. Mr Gerhard Scholtemeijer, chairman of the PRF, gave an overview of the PRF's activities, progress and successes over the past 25 years during his opening address. Although the origins of the PRF can be traced back as far as 1973, very little is documented of the period between 1973 and 1990.

Fire & Ice 2015 – Part 1

There was considerable animosity between AFMA and FMA, since the FMA felt that soymeal could be used instead of the high quantities of fishmeal. The problem was that only 4 600 tons of soybeans were produced in South Africa in 1972.


Fire & Ice 2015 – Part 2

We are sincerely grateful to EEAOC for the exposure that they have afforded several PRF Contractors and ARC Scientists in Argentina and the further exposure to which we have already agreed in principle.


Spier 2015 – Part 1

Video only in Afrikaans: "In die vroeë 1970's is daar die eerste keer gepraat oor 'n moontlike tekort aan proteïen vir dierevoeding en dat alternatiewe proteïenbronne soos sojameel gebruik kon word in stede."


Spier 2015 – Part 2

Video only in Afrikaans: "Die PNS het sedert 1995 reeds twee en sewentig beurse ter waarde van ongeveer vier miljoen rand aan studente toegeken. In hierdie verband het die Universiteit van Stellenbosch 'n besondere aandeel gehad."