GRANTS & BURSARIES  //  Research Report 2021/2022
  1. Study grants and bursaries

    The PRF bursary scheme was approved in 1994 and the first bursary for postgraduate studies was awarded for the 1995 academic year. We are proud to look back on a period of 24 years during which 78 bursaries were awarded to deserving candidates for Masters' and Doctorate studies. The aim of the bursary scheme is to train deserving candidates in the scientific method to allow them to contribute to high quality scientific research after completing their studies. This includes, in particular, research aimed at promoting the production of protein for animal consumption.

    Students are also encouraged to publish their research results in scientific journals, popular magazines or both. Management summaries of theses and manuscripts are published on the PRF website and database.

    Bursaries for Masters' studies are awarded for a period of two years and three years in the case of Doctorate studies. Bursaries awarded for the current year were approved by the Technology Committee and were the following:

    1. M.Sc Studies

      1. Mr M Liebenberg (Second application)
        "'Feedlot performance and rumen fermentation characteristics of feedlot cattle as affected by dietary protein quality and rumenally protected lysine and methionine supplementation." – University of Pretoria
    2. PhD Studies

      1. Ms IR Crouse (Third application)
        "Die ontwikkeling van stikstof bestuurstrategieë vir canola (Brassica napus) onder bewaringslandboupraktyke in die Wes-Kaap." – Stellenbosch University
    3. Completed theses received

      During the year under review the following thesis was received from a bursary recipient who had successfully completed her studies.

      1. Ms L Jordaan, (M.Sc)
        "The effect of extrusion with molasses and addition of chitosan or tannins on the rumen undegradable protein fraction of plant protein sources.", Stellenbosch University