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Research Report 2015/2016



Policy resolutions

The PRF Board conducts an annual internal audit of actions and activities through the use of think-tanks. These are conducted by the Technology Committee, the Management Committee and often by the entire Board. The past year was no exception and the Board approved various resolu­tions which would ensure improved PRF functioning to promote its objectives, but also to acknowledge significant contributions of individuals and institutions.

Pressure on both the soybean and canola industries convinced the Board to regroup the canola planning task team to form a Board Committee, known as the Canola Planning Committee (CPC) and to re-establish a Soybean Planning Task Team known as the Soybean Planning Committee (SPC). Based on practical considerations the SPC has not yet truly come to life and soybean planning activities are still referred to the Technology Committee. However, the CPC functioned well and Mr Franco le Roux of SOILL was co-opted as a CPC member until end 2016. The line function of the CPC is linked to the Management Committee.

Following the resolution approved during the previous year, which terminated the Super Soya Competition in KwaZulu-Natal, the PRF decided to establish a new Yield Competition with a single prize valued at R25 000.

The Research report for last year mentioned that the PRF was considering organising an International Soybean Symposium in 2015. That sym­posium was held in Delmas and at NAMPO Park outside Bothaville on 21 and 23 July (respectively). More details about this event are given in the section on soybeans.

As mentioned above, honorary awards were given to Drs N Neumaier and M de Oliveira of EMBRAPA in Brazil and to Dr D Ploper and Mr M Devani of EEAOC in Argentina for their particular contributions to the South African soybean industry. The Board resolved to acknowledge the contribu­tions of these individuals because of their significant assistance in securing a sound basis for the soybean industry in South Africa through the regular introduction of new soybean cultivars from Brazil and Argentina.

Last year it was mentioned that the PRF was considering withdrawing from the National Cultivar Trials involving both soybeans and canola. During the past year the Board finally resolved to award no further funding for these trials.

In the past the PRF has implemented a very specific policy for funding research that has worked well. Unfortunately, several large research insti­tutions, possibly as a result of poor administrative functions, have failed to submit requests for the continued funding of projects and as a result have not submitted final reports, as required by the PRF. In view of these circumstances the Board resolved that final reports and any outstanding funding claims must be submitted within six months of completion of a project. Failure to comply with this requirement will lead to the forfeiture of outstanding project funding. The PRF believes that these new rules will facilitate more streamlined administration for both the recipient and the PRF.