2.   Canola

2.6   Plant protection

2.6.1   Entomological factors


  • TRIBE GD, LAMPRECHT SC (2005)   The effect of the experimental application of herbicide, insecticide and slug pellets in various combinations on the survival rate of canola seedlings at planting in the Southern Cape.
    PROJECT NO. 89/05, 2005, ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
    Executive Summary      Request complete PDF
  • TRIBE GD (2011)   Insects and other pests of canola.
    PROJECT NO. 89/12, 2012, ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
    Abstract      Request complete PDF
  • MALAN AP (2017)   Investigating the potential of indigenous nematode isolates to control invasive molluscs in canola.
    PROJECT NO. P07/20/179, 2013-2017, Stellenbosch University
    Executive Summary      Request complete PDF


    • FOURIE H, AHUJA P, LAMMERS J, DANEEL MS, MCDONALD AH (2013)   Brassicaceae-based management strategies used to combat nematode pests in agricultural cropping systems: A review.
      2013, North-West University (PU for CHE)
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